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Principal Investigator 
Xin Qi_edited.jpg
Xin Qi, Ph.D. 

Jeanette M. and Joseph S. Silber Professor of Brain Sciences

Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Director, Physiology & Biophysics Graduate Program

Faculty profile

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Phone: 216-368-4459

Research Staff and Postdoctoral Scholar
Xiaoyan Sun 2014-present.png
           Xiaoyan Sun
Research operation manager

Di Hu
Research Scientist
Rihua Wang 2018-present.jpg
Rihua Wang
Research Scientist
Yutong Shang PhD student
Yutong Shang
Postdoctoral Scholar
Hang Pong Ng 
Research Associate
Philip Ropelewski
Postdoctoral Scholar
Na Liu 2023-_edited.jpg
Na Liu
Postdoctoral Scholar
Dongming Yang 2023-_edited_edited_edited
Dongming Yang
Postdoctoral Scholar
Aya Jishi 2020-present.jpg
Aya Jishi
PhD student
Cooke_Sarah 2024- present.jpg
Sarah Cooke
PhD student
Cassandra Barone 2021 to present.jpeg
Cassandra Barone
PhD student
Julien Kouassi.jpg
Julien Kouassi
Undergraduate student
Kyle McGill Percy 2023-.jpg
Kyle McGill Percy
PhD student
Jack Liu.jpg
Jack (Zunren) Liu
PhD student
Elissa Frankel 2023.jpeg
Elissa Frankel
Undergraduate student
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