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Principal Investigator 
Xin Qi_edited.jpg
Xin Qi, Ph.D. 

Jeanette M. and Joseph S. Silber Professor of Brain Sciences

Professor, Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Director, Physiology & Biophysics Graduate Program

Faculty profile

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Phone: 216-368-4459

Research Staff and Postdoctoral Scholar
Xiaoyan Sun 2014-present.png
           Xiaoyan Sun
Research operation manager

Di Hu
Research Scientist
Rihua Wang 2018-present.jpg
Rihua Wang
Research Scientist
Yutong Shang PhD student
Yutong Shang
Postdoctoral Scholar
Hang Pong Ng 
Research Associate
Philip Ropelewski
Postdoctoral Scholar
Na Liu 2023-_edited.jpg
Na Liu
Postdoctoral Scholar
Aya Jishi 2020-present.jpg
Aya Jishi
PhD student
Julien Kouassi.jpg
Julien Kouassi
Undergraduate student
Cassandra Barone 2021 to present.jpeg
Cassandra Barone
PhD student
Elissa Frankel 2023.jpeg
Elissa Frankel
Undergraduate student
Kyle McGill Percy 2023-.jpg
Kyle McGill Percy
PhD student
Jack Liu.jpg
Jack (Zunren) Liu
PhD student
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