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Former lab members
Postdoctoral Trainees
Xing Guo 2011-2016.png

Xing Guo

Year 2011-2016

Postdoc scholar

Current: Professor, Nanjing Medical University China

Yuchin Su 2011-2014.jpg

Yuchin Su

Year 2011-2014

Postdoc scholar

Current:  Chief Scientist in Biotech Company, Taiwan

Yuanyuan Zhao postdoc 2014-present.jpg

Yuanyuan Zhao

Year 2014-2020

Postdoc scholar

Current: Research Associate at Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Xin Tony Tun 2020-present.jpg
Tony (Xin) Tun
Year 2020-2022
Postdoc scholar
Current: Research Scientist in Biotech Company, Japan
Shuai Wang Oct 2021-_edited.jpg
Shuai Wang
Year 2021-2023
Postdoc scholar
Current: Associate Professor, Jining Medical University, China
Graduate Students
Anne Roe MS 2015-2016.jpg

Ann Roe

Year 2015-2016

Master student

Current: PhD student at UCLA 

Omid Hajimanani 2018-2019.jpg

Omid Hajihassani

Year 2018-2019

Master student

Current: PhD student at CWRU

Katherine Horan PhD student 2019-present
Katherine Horan
Year 2019-2020
Master student
Current: RA in CWRU

Jessica Dudman 2020-present.jpg
Jessica Dudman
Year 2020-2022
Master student


Lauren Yuen 

Year 2020-2022

Undergraduate student

Current: Dental School

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