Nov 2019- Jessica and Aya join the lab as Ph.D. students!

July 2019- Di is awarded the Charles L. Hoppel Trainee Award for Excellence in Mitochondrial Research 2019. 

May 2019- Di publicly defends his doctoral dissertation- Congratulations Dr. Hu!

Feb 2019-  Di publishes a first-author paper in Acta Neuropathologica- Congratulations!

                      Media report: Alpha-Synuclein Impairs ClpP Enzyme, Causing Mitochondrial Damage – Parkinson’s News Today

Feb 2019- Yuanyuan publishes her paper in Nature Communications- Congratulations!

Feb 2019-  Qi lab is awarded an NIH R21 grant to identify a mitochondrial biomarker for Huntington's disease.